Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hitting the Wall

I had so many titles for this post -- “Respecting the Mile,” “Arrogance” and “My Aha Moment” are just a few. The fact is I crashed and burned during a half marathon this morning. It was incredibly disappointing and humiliating, but also very, very humbling.

Since the Runner’s World “hat trick” two weeks ago where I completed three races in 24-hours (5K, 10K and half), I haven’t run or hit the gym very much. And the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy proved to be a good enough excuse for me to hang home and play hooky with Matt and the kids.

Matt and I talked about signing up for this morning's race during the Runner’s World events, but held off until this past Friday. I knew we hadn't trained much, but figured our cardiovascular levels would be high enough to see us through. I couldn't have been more wrong. Added to a lack of training were very late nights and dining out several times this week. These things combined became a recipe for disaster. My “arrogance” didn't allow me to see it before I set out to run today.

I didn't have respect for the miles, which is why I fell short -- way short. My body took a massive beating. It didn't have the training, the proper foods or the REST it needed to get me across that finish line. What a rude awakening.

Now here I sit on Sunday night wondering how quickly I can turn my F-game around. Matt’s on board (he never left my side today and he could have) and we’re both looking at today as an “aha moment” -- translated -- we’re going back to basics.

Here’s the plan -- big picture -- "breaking four" is in September 2013. We’re rolling out our training program in three phases.

Phase I kicks-off this week (Nov. – Jan.): Rebuild cardio base and total body strength
3 runs per week (1 @ 3 mile, 1 @ 5 mile, 1 long run @ 7-10 miles)
3 cross-training per week (30 minutes each)
3 strength training per week (back, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, legs, core)

Phase II (Feb. – Apr.): Training for St. Luke’s Half, goal sub-2 hour
More to come

Phase III (May – Aug.): Training for Via Full, goal sub-4 hour
More to come

This is how I plan to redeem myself for today’s crash and burn fiasco. I'm getting my groove back and bringing my A-game from here on out. Wish me luck!

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