Monday, November 26, 2012

ELF for HEALTH Challenge

It’s an interesting sport running, in that when you find others who run you immediately have something to talk about … something to share. It doesn't matter your performance differences either. For example, Ryan’s teacher is an accomplished competitive runner. While she can run circles around me, we still share a connection.

Last week, she turned me on to the website nutritionella. It chronicles the experiences of a food, fitness and fashion-obsessed R.D.-in-training. I liked her website immediately. It has great recipes, many of which I can eat or at least modify to eat, and really cool workout ideas. What caught my eye, though, was a program called ELF for HEALTH -- a six week challenge that runs from the Monday after Thanksgiving through the first week in January. Now I jumped in late in the game ... round one is currently taking place, but nutrionella has assured me I am good to go for round two, which begins Dec. 9.

As an ELF, I’ll support the holiday health goals and daily challenges of my “assigned” buddy via e-mails. For example, I may choose to share a scrumdiddlyumptious whole-food, plant-based recipe, an inspirational quote or my own personal tips & tricks. I’ll also likely check-in with my buddy to see how she is meeting her challenges and fitness goals, as well as share my progress and experiences. How amazing is this! What's more, someone will be my ELF for HEALTH, doing much of what I described up top for me. This program is such a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, build a support network and expand my knowledge of health, wellness and fitness.

Elves & buddies are reassigned every two weeks. Oh, there are also daily tasks, daily winners, prizes, weekly newsletters and a Facebook support group.

Best of all, absolutely anyone can join!

I encourage you to think about becoming someone’s ELF for HEALTH this holiday season. I think it'll be fun and rewarding in more ways than any of us can imagine.

To learn more, visit nutrionella. You can also follow Ryan's teacher's blog, The Runner's Palate, on Blogger.

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