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  1. Stephen Turner1/08/2013

    Hi Kellie
    Saw your invitation to read your blog from Dr Fuhrman's fb page, and decided to do that. Reasonably small world, I am also in Canada, also transitioned to all but 100% whole plant food, also recently lost a friend at the gym, and I am also training for a (half) marathon (I'm not a runner, I'm just runnin').

    Good luck in your training, I will read your posts as you progress.


  2. Hi, Stephen. Welcome to Breaking Four! I wish you luck in your training and would love to hear as you progress. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or challenges you face. We can support each other! I read you are from Canada. Matt and I recently watched "Into the Wind," which chronicles the life of "Canada's son" Terry Fox. Talk about an inspiration! Have you watched the film? I actually promote the documentary and show a clip on my Videos page.

    I am sorry to hear about your gym friend. : (

    Good luck in your journey. Let's stay in touch.

    Cheers ... K

  3. Stephen: You may find this post helpful (or not : )