Thursday, November 15, 2012

All Great Achievements Require Time

Maya Angelou always makes me think. Being in this blog space, I have my eyes and ears open for perspectives, trends, stories, etc. to talk about and share with you. So naturally when I read her quote today, I immediately started to wonder why so many of us don’t apply her words when it comes to optimizing the health of our bodies.

Cher once said that if a great body came in a bottle, everyone would have one. That comment also resonated with me because it’s true.

For most people, their Achilles’ heel is their weight -- and many are on an unending quest to watch that scale veer left. So why then do so many of us fail? The answer is exactly what Cher inferred in her quote -- we want a quick fix. We’re in search of the miracle “pill” that will enable us to shed 20 pounds in a week, without exercise and with minimal changes, if any, to diet.

I don’t care what the cover of this month's issue of Vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine teases or promises -- it isn't happening. The answer to weight loss is “fewer calories in and more calories out.” That’s the secret recipe … only it isn't so secret -- just inconvenient and a drain for many of us to hear.

When it comes to weight loss, why do people even think short cuts will yield long-term, sustainable results? They don’t in any other area of our lives.

Would anyone suggest that career growth and success can be earned without motivation, determination, hard work and a time commitment? Those who believe they’ll walk into a job straight out of college and be handed the title of CEO and a 6-figure salary are in for rude awakenings (unless, of course, they're Trumps!)

Now let’s talk time. Many people, especially moms (and I am one), like to blame not exercising on time, specifically that they don’t have any. We all recognize that moms are on 24/7. But if you’re saying you don’t have 30 minutes everyday to walk or run or train on the elliptical, you’re lying to yourself. And I know because in the past I have told myself that lie! We all go through ruts but it’s important while we’re in them to understand why and how we got there so we can work our way out.

If you have time to check Facebook, chat with a friend, write personal e-mails, watch television, etc. then you have time to spend nurturing your body.

Think of it this way -- you would never say you didn't have time to feed your infant. Regular exercise feeds your body. More than that, it feeds your soul. It benefits you emotionally and mentally. It increases your confidence and self-esteem. It makes you a better parent, friend, worker, spouse and lover. It enables you to excel in every area of your life.

All great achievements require time, that includes weight loss. And optimizing your health/fitness offers a bigger payoff than any other accomplishments you’re likely to experience -- it adds years and quality of living to your life.

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