Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sub-9 Minute Mile … Finally!

I feel like I’m back. My morning rocked! Matt and I headed to the Y around 9 a.m., later than usual but we needed to use the daycare facilities for Sienna, which didn’t open until that time.

I am a regimented person. I like what I like. For example, when I go to the gym, I prefer to run on one of two LifeFitness treadmills. When we arrived this morning, one of those two machines was taken, which meant that Matt and I wouldn't be able to run beside one another. Not an option (or so I thought at the time). Instead, we took two treadmills side by side and began our 7-mile runs.

A little more than a half mile into it, I turned to Matt and asked if the machine felt as though it was on a steep incline. He said “no” and continued running. I felt as though it was taking great effort for me at a 6.3 MPH speed, which starting out should not have been that difficult. He saw me struggling and suggested I run on “my” treadmill. I took him up on his offer (at least we would still have a view of each other).

I had my girl Alicia on my iPad (The Good Wife) and started my run … again. First at 6.3, then at 6.8, then at 7.2 and finally at 7.5 MPH.

At the end of 6.79 miles, my average pace was 8:52!

This is an incredibly satisfying milestone for me. I haven’t run a sub-9 minute mile and held it steady for an extended period in more than a year.

I am still 27 seconds shy of my goal pace but I feel extremely positive that I’ll get there. Every run puts me “thismuch” closer.

What was your Saturday morning workout like? Any challenges or new milestones?

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