Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Across the country, communities, schools and youth organizations have been coming together to share in a special purpose: to honor the Sandy Hook students who will return to school on Jan. 12. Members of the Connecticut Parent Teacher Student Association put out the nation-wide call, requesting homemade snowflakes so when the children come back from holiday break, they’ll be treated to a winter wonderland!

The boys and girls in our community were all too eager to participate. To that end, we spent 2-hours today at our Forks Community Center making snowflakes.

About 30 people joined in the fun, and not all kids. Several adults came, scissors in hand, to put their creative spin on four-point and six-point snowflakes made from origami paper. Special thanks to Missy Lemons for the instruction. She is the snowflake QUEEN!

It was such a fantastic way to spend the Saturday before Christmas. Together we turned out close to 500 unique and colorful paper snowflakes. Take a look below at some of the photos we snapped.

Oh, I did kick off my weekend with a 50-minute run. I’m not even going to talk about how many miles into which that translated. The heart rate training has me running at a much slower pace. It’s challenging for a couple reasons: 1) Going from a hard run to what feels like a fast walk or slow jog is tough and I suspect will take time getting used to. 2) Ego! Ego! Ego! I feel as if I’m back where I started in 2010, minus the younger age!

I do believe that if something makes you struggle or sacrifice, it’s more often than not the right path to follow. Matt has done the research on the benefits of heart rate training and I’m sticking with him.

Before I close, tomorrow our kitchen will transform into a baker’s paradise. We’re rolling dough tonight in preparation for the four types of vegan cookies we plan to make (notice the word “healthful” doesn't precede “vegan” this time : ). I’m a fantastic cook but I definitely lack talent and skill in the baking department. My goal is to not burn any -- I’ll consider it a success if I can make that happen. A good friend of mine suggested I lower the oven temperature 15 degrees. I intend to follow his advice.

Expect a post and pictures tomorrow. Wish me LUCK!

Girls just want to have fun ...
and make snowflakes!

Sienna shows off her work of art!

Cousins by birth, friends by choice.

Our youngest "snowflake" maker.
He, his brothers and his sister also drove the farthest ...
from South River, NJ!

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