Thursday, January 3, 2013

In Memory of Spence

I had intended to share with you tonight a story about my first professional interaction regarding my blog and also tell you about a very good soup that I “veganized” all on my own. But both topics seem insignificant now, having been overshadowed by the passing of a gym friend.

“Spence,” as he was known to all of us at the YMCA, lost his valiant fight against cancer this morning. The last time I saw him was the Saturday before Christmas. He was doing what he loved and what he did just about every day -- working out. I know we exchanged pleasantries yet I’m sitting here trying to remember if I had wished him a Merry Christmas before I left. I don’t think I did, probably because I assumed I’d see him again before the holiday. Sadly, that would be the last time I would see Spence alive.

I knew his cancer had returned and that he was undergoing treatments since just before the start of summer. From what I understand, the past couple of months had been filled with ups and downs, yet recently he had been at the gym pretty steadily. I think we were all feeling more hopeful that he would find himself in remission once again.

When I saw him on Saturday, he was in good spirits, had a smile for absolutely everyone and was working the elliptical like a man who didn’t have an illness at all. I think that’s why his death has come as such a surprise.

Everyone at the Y had immense admiration for him and for the courageous way he fought to beat the disease that had been ravaging his body.

Spence, you had the strength of a lion and the gentleness of a lamb. You were a good man -- you were admired -- you were loved -- and you will be missed. Rest in peace, friend.

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