Wednesday, October 31, 2012

V&V Options Popping Up Everywhere

I absolutely love that more and more restaurants are accommodating vegetarian and vegan eaters. It certainly speaks to the fact that the number of people opting for meatless meals is rapidly growing in the United States.

I am especially pleased by the number of restaurant chain menus (a favorite among all three of our kids) offering V&V options. Given the option to dine in a 5-star Manhattan restaurant or Red Robin, for example, the latter will win hands-down every single time as far as Dylan, Ryan and Sienna are concerned. Matt and I recognize that we can’t be too hard core with the kids since fast-food restaurants are completely off the table (though our moms more than make up for our hard line in the sand when they take the kids for a visit), so we’re OK with an occasional meal out at Fridays and the like.

As we deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and trick-or-treating having been postponed until Saturday, we’re treating the kids to Red Robin for dinner tonight. I snapped a photo of the menu below.

While a BOCA vegan burger is good news for Matt and me, it’s important to always remember when you’re eating out that you don’t know how the food is actually being prepared. Something that may appear to be healthful could have been sitting in oil before it hits your plate or grilled in butter!

To that end, I leave little to chance, always stressing no oil or butter and asking for my sides of vegetables (in place of fries) to be steamed without anything added. The end result is always satisfying (though, truth be told, few dinners out are as pleasing as those cooked at home).

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